After Store Meal Prep

So you survived the store congratulations! I hope the other posts helped you save some money. Now that you are home, it’s time to store food, meal prep, and clean the kitchen. I believe this last part is also just as important when spending less time in the kitchen. Would you rather spend 4hrs one day or 1hr every day, seven days a week? I’d knock it all out at once; it gives one better peace of mind throughout the week at times that matter the most.
Store the food, whatever you mean, well, I find that it allows one to stock up on the meats and freezer items, which can also save money. Some grocery stores sell family-sized beef, 3 or 4 lb. packs. It’s cheaper to buy the 4lb of ground beef, divide it out, and freeze it in zip locks. When freezing, I will sometimes add salt, pepper, or marinade to the meats. Yes, I leave some plain, and I write on all the bags what they are and the date I put them in the freezer. So for any meals I’m not making, write now they’re somewhat all ready to go. I occasionally add other seasonings, but it not often depends. I always encourage my family to eat fruits and vegetables, but one thing that kept coming up is they weren’t ready to eat. I find it cheaper to buy produce than rinse and chop them at home to make them easy to grab. Because while doing this, I can also prep the fruits and vegetables for my 1-2 weeks of dinners.
I like to multi-task when in the kitchen. I will have one meal in the oven while one is in the instant pot, and I’m prepping another. Multi-tasking allows me to not be in the kitchen all day but, simultaneously, get my meals for the week ready to go. At this time, I’ll make sure my fridge and pantry are clean, so I can fill and organize them for the week.
When the meals are done, I will clean the kitchen except for the floor and dishwasher. Because in my night routine, before heading to bed, I sweep, mop, vacuum, and run the dishwasher. Starting the day with clean floors and dishes puts me in a better mood to start my day.
The final step is to list your meals in the fridge first, followed by meals in the freezer. When a meal is gone, putting a line through it will help limit food waste. Now you are ready to go for your week.